HONNERU (Rural producers’ collective)

HONNERU RURAL PRODUCERS’ COLLECTIVE is a revamped collective that now draws on the availability of local agricultural and horticultural produce and combines this with the knowledge and skills of local rural women and youth. This is an effort to not only generate employment in the village but to also link local production and sustainable agriculture as a decentralised model of production. Produce such as ragi (finger millet), pulses, oil seeds, and herbs that are grown in non-chemical conditions are collected, cleaned, and processed at a centre in Nagavalli. The end result is a range of heritage health foods that are nutritious and tasty. Some of the products include: fresh ragi flour; niger, drumstick, and neem chutney powders, immunitea (herbal drinks); masala powders, coconut and poppy snacks etc.

The Collective consists of women and youth who share the labour and the profits. Currently, the products are sold in select outlets in Mysuru and Bengaluru and online via facebook, Instagram, and email orders.

Ms. Darshan Bawa, a food and marketing specialist, has been a consultant for this endeavour and HONNERU acknowledges her inputs for all the design, marketing and organisational work.


Honneru’s handmade soaps