Rural youth collective

Some alumni from the Integrated Learning Programme/ course have formed a network and the process of organizing them into a production co-operative and supportive network has begun. In addition to supporting each other in their fields (sharing labour and seeds), the network members are also engaged in value-added production of their agricultural produce.

Some of them have started making cloth bags and hand-made soaps and these are being sold through the network to individuals and to organic food/grocery outlets in Mysuru and Bengaluru. Plans are to develop a full-fledged production unit, to be run as a co-operative or farmer producer organization. Produce will include cleaned and selected pulses, millets, vegetables and value-added edible produce. Currently, the network members are undergoing training to cultivate a variety of millets in their lands. The group members have elected a co-ordinator and a secretary among themselves.

Honneru’s handmade soaps