We acknowledge with gratitude the funding support received from the following organisations and persons for different programmes:

WIPRO APPLYING THOUGHT IN SCHOOL (WATIS), Bengaluru for support for the period 2014-2017 for conducting the Integrated Learning Programme.

The Infosys Science Foundation award (to A.R.Vasavi for Social Science, 2013) which enabled us to purchase the Angarike Maala land.

IndeComm, Bengaluru, for a CSR grant that will contribute towards restoring Angarike Maala as a conservation cum demonstration site.

Kala Sunder and R. Sunder, and Sunita Rao (in memory of her aunt, Dr. Meenakshi Tyagarajan) for their contributions that have made the Children’s Programme possible.

N. Lakshmana Char for his contribution in honour of his late wife Smt. Vasantha Char, which will be used to support children or women in distress.

N. Kedar Sangam, Samita and D.D.Nampoothiri, Gayathri Arakere and Dilip Ahuja, and Purnima Gauthron for their contributions.

The ‘Sponsor a Field’ programme has been made possible with support from contributions from a range of friends and supporters.