We acknowledge with gratitude the funding support received from the following organisations and persons for different programmes:


WIPRO APPLYING THOUGHT IN SCHOOL (WATIS), Bengaluru for support for the period 2014-2017 for conducting the Integrated Learning Programme.

The Infosys Science Foundation award (to A.R.Vasavi for Social Science, 2013) which enabled us to purchase the Angarike Maala land.

IndeComm, Bengaluru, for a CSR grant that will contribute towards restoring Angarike Maala as a conservation cum demonstration site.



Bangalore Integrated Systems Solution Pvt Ltd: for their CSR funds that have made the community out-reach activities possible.

ITW India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru.

MoonFrog Labs Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Exotic Journeys Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.

YuvaLok Foundation, Bengaluru


Individual contributors

Prof. Rameswari Varma
Trithankar Ghosh
R. Sunder & Kala Sunder
Dr. Richa Kumar
N. Lakshmana Char
Shaileshree R
Meena Ramakrishna
Tara Sinha
Beverly Vaidya
Narendra Kumar
Vatsala Parthasarathy
Ashish N Patel
Suma H
Veena S
Madhavi Krishnaraj

R Vasudevan
Rangarajan S
Nalini Jaganathan
Ramachandran G
Manju S
Naveen Chandraiah
Sangeetha Ramaswamy
Shanmuga Sundaram
Rekha Jayakishan
Pratibha Priyadarshini
Dilip Ahuja
Gayathri Arakere
Mary E. John
Ramchandar Krishnamurthy

Satish Deshpande
Tirthankar Ghosh
Punam Zutshi
Ravishankar BT
Narendra Kumar K
Raveendra Bhat
Muthatha Ramanath
Ashish N Patel
Dr. R.S. Nagarjuna
Shreyas Shetty
Janaki Nair
Shobha D
Damodaran D Nampoothri
Annu Kurien
Aroon Raman

Endowment funds at punarchith

There are four endowment funds at PUNARCHITH and all of them are dedicated to the memory of four remarkable women, who in their own special ways contributed immensely to the larger society and to those around them. The women are: Dr. Meenakshi Tyagarajan, Smt. Vasantha L. Char, Smt. Smt. P.R. Jayalakshamma Ramiah, and Smt. Pushpa Rani Rajsekhar. We are grateful to the persons and families who contributed these endowment funds and PUNARCHITH has utilized the interest accrued from these funds to support the education and special needs of elderly women and adolescent girls. In the year, 2020-21, we were able to provide scholarships to five young girls from deserving families. Two of the girls were returned migrants from Bengaluru, who had to discontinue their studies as their parents had lost their jobs due to the covid situation. Support from PUNARCHITH enabled these girls to enroll in new schools and to continue their education. One girl has received support over the past two years and is now about to graduate from a college with a degree in computer science, another girl is completing her third year of nursing and one girl, whose mother lost her job and was unable to pay the school fees, is being supported to complete her high school. We have also extended financial and food aid support to 28 elderly persons, especially women, who are either single residents or have been abandoned by their families. As the Covid situation worsens, we are bracing ourselves to support more destitute women to enable them to tide over the crisis and to also support more young girls realise their dreams and aspirations.