Restorative agriculture

Geeta’s fields in Tumkur Dt, under restorative agriculture

Our work at Angarike Maala will enable us to promote and disseminate the ideas of restorative agriculture. This is to emphasise the importance of restoring soil health, moisture content, and seed conservation instead of merely practicing either chemical and commercial agriculture or attempting to engage in formula-based organic agriculture. Such an agriculture will have links to restoring the ecological sustainability of the region, enable farmers to have economically viable production systems and also ensure food security. Farmers will be encouraged to cultivate locally viable crops including a range of millets, oil seeds and pulses. In the cultivation season of 2020, we were able to support five farmers to engage in such practices and we are heartened by this experience. In the 2021 cultivation seasons, we will extend such support to about 20 farmers which will also be a part of our covid relief and rehabilitation program.