Where are we?

Punarchith”, and to be specific our Learning and Resource Center which also moonlights as our office can be found nestled in the small yet busy village of Nagavalli, about 30 kilometers from Biligiriranga Hills (popular as BR Hills). Nagavalli is only 180 kilometers from Bangalore and can be reached at best in about 4 hours. More details below.

Getting there (from Bangalore)

By car or other private transport

Driving to “Punarchith” involves choosing between the Mysore Road or Kanakapura Road from Bangalore. If choosing Mysore Road, after Maddur proper, look for a large traffic junction where turning left takes one to K.M.Doddi and Malavalli. Taking the Kanakapura Road means one ends up at the T Junction at Malavalli itself. From Malavalli, travel past the Gaganachukki, Barachukki gates, Kollegal and Yeriyur to reach Yelandur. Please note that after Kollegal there is a not-so-obvious fork where it is important to take the left road, else one can expect to reach Mysore instead of Yelandur.

At Yelandur, instead of proceeding to Chamarajanagar, enter into the market road and look/ask-for BR Hills road but on entering that road, look for boards with signs such as Chandakwadi or Kagalwadi. Drive south to Chandakwadi. Just before Chandakwadi proper you should reach a junction that meets Chamarajanagar-BR Hills road. Taking left here should bring you to Nagavalli village and you will find Punarchith on the left just after the Indian Bank building on the right.
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By train

While there is no railway station at Nagavalli itself, you have the option of using Mysore as your alighting station or Chamarajanagar itself in case of certain trains. Please visit the Indian Railways site (or your favorite source) for the most current information on trains. If choosing to alight at Mysore, please note that you will find frequent bus service to Chamarajangar. Please refer to the “Last mile” section for further information.

By bus

There are many options. You will find that there are a lot of direct buses between Bangalore and Chamarajanagar (private ones are slow, opt for KSRTC). The KSRTC website has a timetable that is updated. One can also break the journey at Channapattana or Maddur if required. The slightly roundabout route is to travel to mysore (lots more options from Bangalore) and take another bus to Chamarajanagar.

Last mile

From Chamarajangar to Nagavalli there are both small and regular sized buses, govt. and private. You might also find share autos, exclusive autos and even private vehicles for a small fee. Waiting for a bus is highly recommended.

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B.R.Hills Road,
Nagavalli Village
Chamarajanagar District-571342
Phones: 9448360215; 8762842253


B.R.Hills Road,
Nagavalli Village
Chamarajanagar District-571342
Phones: 948360215; 8762842253